Doctor Day 2018 Priority Issues Included:

Nurses and Collaboration with Physicians

Help protect pregnant moms and babies by maintaining current law requiring certified nurse midwives to have a strong collaborative relationship with a physician as a condition for providing care. (Issue Paper)

Worker’s Compensation

Support Wisconsin’s successful worker’s compensation system by preventing an unfair fee schedule from being imposed on physicians and other health care professionals. (Issue Paper)

HOPE Agenda

Continue vital collaboration with the legislature and executive branch in fighting opioid and other drug abuse. (Issue Paper)


Help ensure that high school and college athletes receive a comprehensive health exam before being allowed to participate in school sports. A state chiropractic group is supporting legislation (AB 260) that would prevent the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association from requiring that comprehensive physical exams are performed by physicians and their teams. (Issue Paper)

Network Adequacy (informational only)

Some states are seeing legislation introduced that regulates insurance network adequacy and what’s called “surprise billing” for some physician services. Physicians will hear about what’s already happened in Wisconsin on this issue and what to expect in the future. (Issue Paper)



Doctor Day Issues from Prior Years:

Expansion of the Child Psychiatry Consultation Program

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic


HOPE Legislative Agenda

Patient Safety and Scope of Practice

Preserving the Sanctity of the Physician-Patient Relationship

Independent Practice efforts by Advanced Practice Nurses

Interstate Licensing Compact for Physicians

Worker's Compensation Phsician Fee Schedule

HIPAA Harmonization bill